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Karstadt: NFC technology usable at checkouts throughout Germany

At Karstadt Warenhaus, contact-free payment using NFC (near-field communication) technology is possible throughout Germany.

Karstadt CFO Miguel Müllenbach explains: “In parallel with our ambitious restructuring programme, which also includes the specialisation of checkout teams and the creation of easily accessible central checkouts, and to further improve our day-to-day business, all stores are now consistently NFC-enabled. Behind the simultaneous accomplishment of these tasks is an enormous achievement by our employees. We expect that this technology will rapidly become more established throughout the retail sector.”

In the context of its successfully progressing restructuring, Karstadt is moving considerably closer to the customers. This is mainly happening through changes in the product range and the sales organisation and through new and faster processes throughout the company. The completed introduction of NFC technology is one element from the field of extensive payment options. At Karstadt, contact-free payments can be made throughout Germany using NFC-enabled credit cards and a smartphone that is equipped with a corresponding chip. For amounts of less than €25, neither a PIN nor a signature is required. NFC technology is based on a secure radio transmission of the payment details to the NFC-enabled checkouts.