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Karstadt sends signal in sustainability: nationwide introduction of reusable shopping bags from May 2016

From May 2016, Karstadt will introduce reusable shopping bags in all department stores. In this way, it is sending an industry-wide signal for more sustainability and making a contribution to the prevention of waste.

“We made a conscious decision in favour of reusable shopping bags and are making a big step towards sustainability with the introduction,” explains Karstadt Sales Chief Thomas Wanke. “Of course this also means – in addition to the logistical accomplishment of this task – a rethink among employees and customers,” says Wanke. “But we at Karstadt will achieve this great step – in parallel with all the positive developments that we are making in connection with the recovery of our company. We are thereby also supporting the initiative of the German Retail Association.”

From May 2016, new reusable shopping bags will be available for € 1.50 in all Karstadt department stores as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic bag. The company uses polyethylene with 70% recycled materials for the newly designed bags. A size-dependent fee of 5, 10, 20 or 30 cents has already been charged for single-use bags since 1 March.